Wednesday, 19 March 2014


today I read these three posts - here, here, and here (3rd link is dead now, unfortunately) - written by an asexual about, um, how to say...her views on life and love and sex from her/an asexual's point of view.
I was Googling "body worship" for something else, but that's another story.

anyway, you sorta have to read the three two posts before reading mine, even if you do know about asexualism.


[big fat disclaimer] before reading this I had absolutely no idea what asexualism was or meant, and to be fair, I still only know what this person wrote, and haven't researched or investigated the topic further.
so everything I'm about to say should not be taken as a comment on asexualism as a whole, but solely a reaction to these three posts, period.
I am not passing judgment on asexuals (I mean, love thy neighbour and all that), but merely reacting to some points that this individual set up.
and should you happen to be said individual, I hope you won't take offense. this is all out of curiosity and interest and ignorance, and cos you moved things in me.

Monday, 17 March 2014

family ties

my sister's ex-husband is a selfish douche and I am so fucking tired of him.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

gotcha day..

recently I'm seeing a lot of people talk about how they celebrate gotcha day, and it's just such a weird concept to me.. especially when it's celebrated like a birthday.
I haven't heard of anyone who didn't also celebrate their actual birthday, but somehow acting like gotcha day is a birthday is almost..slightly negating the Korean part?
we didn't start our lives in an airport, or the day we were handed over.

I dunno, maybe it's not negating anything, but when I think about the concept of gotcha day it just stirs something defensive in me.

I know people also do celebrate their actual birthday, I guess I just don't understand the need to make a special fuss about gotcha day.
lots of adoptees have siblings biological to their adoptive parents, should they then get a conception day or 1st sonogram day or..?
and why make that distinction between adoptive and biological children? or maybe families with both never celebrate gotcha day..

I never celebrated gotcha day, and you might be thinking I'm just regretful and jealous, but I'm really not.
I do know some Danes do it too, but as far as I can tell, hearing from adoptees around the world, this is a primarily US custom. I don't know anyone personally who celebrates it, so I've never had anyone to be jealous of.

meh. I'm ranting and probably not making much sense.
I just sometimes get a little tired of "special days" in general. every day should be special, and you should appreciate and love people every day, not just cos the calendar tells you to.