Wednesday, 29 January 2014


after careful procrastination I have decided to part with some of my kpop stuff.
some because I have duplicates, but mostly I just think it's stupid for me to have it in boxes when someone could be loving on it ^^

there will be little freebies with some of the stuff! ^^
they will be randomly distributed to buyers on a first-come, first-served basis.

so take a look at my ebay here!

note: my ebay will be empty when I go on trips for more than 3 days due to my stated shipping time in my listings, so if you click the link and there are no items for sale, you can always check back again another time. chances are I will always have something for sale.

Friday, 24 January 2014

my kpop collection

note: the albums are best viewed on computer due to Google's layout -.-

some people like to buy clothes or jewelry or go out or live in an expensive home or drive a fancy car or buy shoes.
what I apparently like to spend my money on - besides traveling to Korea - is kpop stuff. literally. 

I live an extremely spartan life (let's not get into how spartan since this is not a personal post per se), and since early 2011, pretty much the only non-essential things I've bought for myself have been kpop related.

so by now, for an international fan, I think I have a fairly big collection.
and since I am a nosy person who always like to see what other people have, I figured, maybe someone would get a kick out of seeing what I have ^^

or at least what I have had cos some things I've given away to friends, and spares/doubles have been put up for sale. 

sometimes I'm selling some of my stuff, so take a look here if you're interested! ^^

you can either click on single pictures if you wanna see full size, or just click on the first and view as slideshow from there on out.

if you're viewing full size on a computer, there's a white "i" up in the right hand corner. click it and you can see my comments for the pictures.

feel free to ignore those if you get sick of my gushing and/or squealing, but these weren't originally meant to be public albums, so all comments are made for me to remember my packages by.
on that note, you might find the packaging pics redundant, but I like to remember the boxes, too.

do share if you find any picture good enough for that, but DO NOT crop my watermark where added, DO NOT edit, and credit would be nice.

other than that, please enjoy~^^

the album will be randomly updated whenever I buy something new. which is too often...

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

something about posters

so, only more than a year after we started this whole apartment renovation project, and only like 6 months after we finished painting and put up the pinboards we made, we FINALLY got the posters up!

for years it has only been Taemin and Taemin, but since my main focus isn't SHINee anymore, and hubs was getting a little tired of it, we made it more of a joined kpop experience.

we got so many free posters in Korea, and over time I've bought so many with albums, so by now our collection was pretty big and diverse.

in time I might find something to fill the space above Taemin, but for now the puzzle just didn't wanna fit.

and no, I dunno why I post about my posters, I just feel like it.