Saturday, 10 November 2012

wherein I just don't give a fuck

this is gonna be such a random post but I need to get this out of my head and unfortunately I dun know anyone who I feel certain won't share the opposite view. dun get me wrong it's not like I need or only want people who agree with me, but right now I'm just honestly not in the mood for a debate -.-

when I made my tumblr there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted an ask box cos I figured it could be a way to make contact with people with similar interests.

so far I've gotten..5 messages, I think, but as soon as I see that little red sign above my mail box now I get physically stressed out, like, a tightening in my chest and my pulse rises because all of those message so far have been from people, strangers, being angry and rude, frankly, cos they think I've stolen what's theirs.

one of the reasons I didn't give a crap about tumblr and rejected even considered making one is cos even without one tumblr's main reputation are the immature fanwars and butthurt bitches going on about credit.

I knew I should have listened to my instinct and stayed the hell away from it all but stupid Tintap and ugh >.<

the problem arises because I'm too fucking weak and insecure to just shrug it off and tell people that you can't own a fucking piece of video that you yourself have cut from something that doesn't even belong to you in the first place. get a fucking grip.

I get that someone took time to cut that gif to begin with, but 1) I know how to make a gif and you talk like it's a matter of childbirth or some shit WHEN IT'S NOT, and 2) if credit really mattered to you that much perhaps you should learn to watermark shit cos who doesn't know by now that once you put something up on the Internet, let alone fucking tumblr, it becomes subject to public property.

if I know, I have no problem with mentioning credit, in fact I do fucking 47893579 times more than anyone else I've come across, but people act as if not specifying credit means I take credit, like, will you give me a fucking break. it just doesn't.

and it's not like most of those people themselves haven't cut fansite pics with specified rules against modifying and cropping for dps all over the place -.-

and it's like gifs are different from fansite pictures and videos which just makes me bang my head against the wall. it takes freaking two minutes to make a gif, but those fansite noonas spend thousands of whichever currency on traveling and photo equipment, and hours, sometimes days in queues and all the pic selection and editing afterwards.
if you want to talk respect you could start with advocating respecting the rules of those people who often literally devote their lives and not talking in a sasaeng way here so i-fans can get a glimpse of their oppars and unnirs.

and to go on fucking anon and bitch about it smh grow a pair so we can talk about it, and if not you can take a seat - is what I wish I was able to say cos that's what I think, but unfortunately me feelings aren't so ballsy ☞☜
so obviously I'm pissed that people can't get a grip and ask nicely, even if they've had to ask other people the same thing, but probably mostly I'm so angry at myself for not being able to not give a fuck. it's a gif, and like a friend pointed out, it's not like I re-posted an edit that someone have spend hours on AND claimed ownership. ugh so annoyed

maybe it'll go away after a tumblr break.. after all it did all the other times :|

sigh just so over people acting so weird about fucking gifs, like... Щ(ºДºщ) IT'S GIFS wtf orz

k gonna go drown myself in Inpiniteu now bye