Saturday, 31 March 2012

On the edge..

I am loving this comeback more than you will ever understand because I love this boy more than you will ever understand, and seeing him everywhere looking stunning and tired and happy and spaced out and absolutely fucking gorgeous is my driving force these days to be honest.

But it's also pushing me to my limit cos it's so non-stop with live streams and then a steady stream flood of updates all day and night. I haven't slept more than 5½ hours a night in the past 3 weeks and often it's closer to 4½.
I have so many things I'm behind on, and so many things I really wanna do.
I wish I felt I had time for things like booking our trip to Korea and making a fic rec list and stuff cos inspiration has finally struck me. Of course it has to be when I don't have time.

And today it only took a couple of cold words to push me over, and I cried for three hours.
People almost always think I understand them well, and I like to think I do, but I don't think I have ever felt like someone really got me. Ever.
So I cried for three hours cos I feel alone. Because it fucking hurts to feel misunderstood, like no one understands me. Because it hurts to be trying my best and have people shoot me down or act like they don't know or care how their actions might affect me.

But I guess they don't which is kinda the issue to begin with...

And not because I don't feel accepted by people regardless, but because it's a lonely feeling to feel like no one just "gets me", without me having to explain or defend. Obviously I'll have to tell cos no one's a mind reader, but none of that "you know?" all the time.
And I understand that it's not a right, but more of a privilege to be lucky enough to have someone like that in your life, but I've been pretty close. Of course she has to live in a different timezone than me because life just loves to be a fucking cockblock like that.

And if you know me, and therefor know I'm married, you might be thinking "Well, what about your hubby?" right now. Obviously, we get along and don't ever get sick of spending time alone together. We know each other like the back of our hands, we love each other and we're definitely each other's best friends, but we're also very different in both gender durh and personality and we often have no clue what the hell is up with the other o.o
But our relationship is a whole nother post, and not what today's mini meltdown was about.

And in fact, I had been on the verge for hours when he came home, and out of the grocery bag he pulled my fave kind of iced coffee. It wasn't on the list and I have only mentioned them to him once, and he chose today of all days to show that he actually listens to me. So I cried for three hours.
Of course he was only here for about 45 mins of it cos he had to leave for the weekend. Timing, why you gotta suck like this? orz

It was okay, though. It's not like I feel like he's abandoning me in my hour of need because this wasn't "an incident", it's just how I am sometimes. He's been here for plenty of these times and since this will hardly be the last, I'm sure he'll be here for lots more in the future. Yay.....

And then a friend made the effort and wrote me an email out of the blue, simply stating that she loves me. She had no idea what was going on so it wasn't to console me. It was just cos  And yes, obviously I cried over that, too, because that is the best reason for telling someone you love them. Just cos.

Anyway, off to get 4½ hours before it's time to stream Music Core. SHINee, could you win gdi ;~; For me??

SHINee - Mnet Wide ♥ M! Countdown ♥ Guerrilla Date

120329 was another busy day.

First up was Mnet Wide live.

Omo they cut Tae's hair again!!! I love long hair on him, I think it makes him look manrier not to mention a whole hell of a lot hotter but it was looking like a really fake weave this time around. Not so much with da Rushipur hotness.
So I actually didn't mind so much that it had to be chopped. I'm just surprised as hell that he actually looks much more like a girl with short hair, like, wut?! O.O

This is a really fun watch with some hilarious moments^^ They chat, laugh, dance, play games and seem like they have a really good time :3

Then it was straight on to M! Countdown

They won!!!! *\o/* Well done ♥♥♥

Well done, boys 
After Mnet they went to Hongdae to record Guerrilla Date, a game/talk show of some sorts. It was aired on 120331.

Moscodic noona made this absolutely stunning edit

how is it even possible for a human being to be this beautiful ;~; 태민아아아아~ 

Love love LOVE this shot! ♥♥♥♥

ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ ^^

Boy, you're gorgeous 

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

SHINee - Show Champion ♥ tvN TAXI recording

120317 - Today the boys performed on Show Champion, an MBC of some sorts. Who knows, I've never watched it before.

Long story short:

LOL Tae's manry "ahem" so he doesn't get mistaken for a girl when he goes to the bathroom XDDDD

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! They won the trophy!!! *\o/* First Sherlock win  I'm so proud of my bbs ;~;

Flower child 

You presh kid 

Oh, baby, your smile ;~;

Apparently they did make it to no 1 just not in my tweetdeck orz And what a no 1 to lose out to, huh..

And then they were off to record TAXI for tvN. Once again I have no idea what show that is, but for some reason the fancams reminded me of a mix between Running Man and Guerilla Date or something.. But it looked like so much fun and the boys were in such good moods, I can't wait to see the show! :3

This cam omg she's so close to them ;~; Tae looks so sexy with that ponytail *q* And happy boys are happy  애기야ᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲ

Oh, and this was included in the previous video but from the other side and it's just a priceless MinKey moment so I had to included it 

Apparently they were imitating an incident from a variety show where the MC had grabbed a woman's butt and put his hand between her legs? Obviously a no-no but it made for great cams now~! lol


That smexy ponytail *q*


Monday, 26 March 2012

SHINee Sherlock MV - dance + practice versions ♥

Just cos I love love LOVE these dance version where you can really see the choreo *u* And now that I love Sherlock's I'm so essited they made two dance version!!! 8D

Including the now world famous roll of toilet paper :b

#SHINeeIsBack - Inkigayo Comeback Stage ♥ Peace Summit Concert

120325 - Final comeback stage was Inkigayo and even though the boys didn't even make it to top trend today, they didn't disappoint.


Recording on March 22nd

Erhmmm, yeah, let's just say this pic caused quite a stir..

And that was the end of the comeback stages. SHINee is officially back~!!! ♥♥♥

Both stages for Inki was pre-recorded because the boys had a performance at the KBS Peace Concert by the time Inkigayo ended.

The boys did so well! Lucifer and Sherlock back to back, two of the most demanding choreos while singing live 
I missed Rushipur :'3

There was a lot of talking about this performance today because a fancam surfaced that showed Taemin "collapsing" into Key's arms when Sherlock was over. Yes, he did lean on Key, but it's not a fact that he fainted or anything. To be honest it's probably what you'd do if you had to do this strenuous routine 8 times, and you were happy it was over and you were being overly dramatic.

People should stop overreacting and stop spreading rumours like it's goddamn facts. It does nothing but hurt the boys in the end /serious mode

Cosmicaa's noona shot this amazing edit. Her videos are some of the most beautiful Taemin (and Key in this instance) fansite stuff you'll ever see. I absolutely love it~!!

lol I have a skirt pretty much like that

Ohai nips *u*

Do you see what I see? ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ

Sunday, 25 March 2012

#SHINeeIsBack - Music Core Comeback Stage ♥

120324 - How are these stages just getting better and better?? This Music Core was amazing! They sing and dance and look gorgeous doing so, and I couldn't be prouder  

And the contemporary coordi noonas strike again~! lol Do you see what I see~?^^ ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ


Final comeback stage tomorrow on Inkigayo. Inki always have some great stages so I'm really looking forward to that! - even if it means having to get up in 4½ hours (thank you, daylight savings time) to stream~! 

Friday, 23 March 2012

#SHINeeIsBack - Music Bank Comeback Stage ♥ Youngstreet ♥ Sukira

120323 - Today we didn't seem to be that many online for the stream, or maybe people just wasn't as interested in trending today cos it took an hour for SHINee to top, not that I'm saying we control the trends lol but we do muahahaha
And even when SHINee were actually the ones to perform they dropped to 2nd and 3rd!!? 
At least they got pushed down by a worthy opponent orz

Maybe it was because everyone was too busy watching to tweet because after the performance it was back on top \o/
But it wasn't like the first day hype and it barely lasted 20 mins..

I know it might sound like it matters a lot to me or I care or something when, really, I don't. These tweets and trends are just a little reminder for me about fun moments I've had with people. Hai, Kim!!!!^^

Okay, it's official: I love the Sherlock choreo ♥ Still think it's annoying they have so many in-line line-ups so you can only see the person in front, and parts are definitely forever lulzy, but after todays Music Bank performance.. 

I'm in love 


lol werk those shoelifts, Jong~! 

KEY'S ENGLISH asjhdgfjkashgfghhsdfaf Why so damn sexyyy waaaah~ 
LOL and Ho's aegyo XD
Tae's "sexy detective" pose unf
Beautiful face 
Stranger and Sherlock BOTH LIVE ;A;

Because Tae in that hat is just all kinds of relevant..ʘ‿ʘ
I missed both Youngstreet and Sukira today which makes me so >.< cos the radio shows have been one of the things I have looked forward to the most because of the live singing - if they even sing at all! lol
But we had to go pick up our new car, so... :p

It's so good to just watch them and hear their voices ;A;

(only cuts I could find that hasn't been taken down)

Sukira full cut

DJ Ryeowook and Sungmin

stahp it

Ma babies 

Mucore tomorrow~

Thursday, 22 March 2012

#SHINeeIsBack - Sherlock MV ♥ M! Countdown Comeback Stage

120322 - Up, but barely awake, I was still fully ready when the MV was suddenly released at around 5pm KST.

This MV has me so conflicted idek.. Obviously I'm going nuts cos it's a BRAND NEW SHINee MV!!!! agdfaghdfaghdfadh Not since goddamn October 4th, 2010! >____<

And I'm sure I'll warm up to the outfit/concept/whatever you call it in time - cos right now it just makes me burst out laughing! Native-American Tae in his apron - although tophat!Tae is hot! 8D - and Milady in his peeenk shawl or star-spangled surfer shorts XDDD

But...that choreo. What the O____O I thought this Testa guy was gonna deliver orz
It does have a few nice moves, I like the one Tae and Key did in Tae's teaser cam, and the group-fan-out and group-wave official choreo terms btw but, seriously, for the most part it's either lulzy or making me facepalm.
What's with all the leg spreading and weird poses (like the one in the video thumbnail) and leapfrogging and knee-high-laid-back-running move?? orzzzz Maybe it'll grow on me like the outfits xD
But I want Jaewon or Rino back for the next MV :/

#SherlockMV trended 1st worldwide for an entire hour from release until it was time for M! Countdown Comeback Stage!

And even though SHINee's stage was last Shawols kept the trend on top for the entire show 

Mnet Wide before M!Countdown

Mnet Countdown, Sherlock 1st Comeback Stage

Backstage with comedian Haha
I sobbed from the second Tony, Joon and Mir said the word "SHINee" ;~;
As mentioned Stranger's not exactly my fave song, but damn, put some crazy outfits, some actual live singing and a great choreo to it and suddenly I'm loving it, go figure..

Unfortunately Sherlock wasn't live, like Stranger, but it's a strenuous choreo, and I'm assuming they might have thought it best to make the 1st comeback stage a success. I'm sure there will be live versions later on, maybe even tomorrow when they go on Sukira! /crosses fingers

Bottom right pic is from rehearsal

LOVE their hair, and Tae + beanie is    

Hairrrr *u*

That smile ;~~~; 
That profile is one of the most beautiful things ever ♥♥♥

LOL No idea what Jong's doing xD 

I can't wait for Music Bank tomorrow!!!