Saturday, 10 November 2012

wherein I just don't give a fuck

this is gonna be such a random post but I need to get this out of my head and unfortunately I dun know anyone who I feel certain won't share the opposite view. dun get me wrong it's not like I need or only want people who agree with me, but right now I'm just honestly not in the mood for a debate -.-

when I made my tumblr there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted an ask box cos I figured it could be a way to make contact with people with similar interests.

so far I've gotten..5 messages, I think, but as soon as I see that little red sign above my mail box now I get physically stressed out, like, a tightening in my chest and my pulse rises because all of those message so far have been from people, strangers, being angry and rude, frankly, cos they think I've stolen what's theirs.

one of the reasons I didn't give a crap about tumblr and rejected even considered making one is cos even without one tumblr's main reputation are the immature fanwars and butthurt bitches going on about credit.

I knew I should have listened to my instinct and stayed the hell away from it all but stupid Tintap and ugh >.<

the problem arises because I'm too fucking weak and insecure to just shrug it off and tell people that you can't own a fucking piece of video that you yourself have cut from something that doesn't even belong to you in the first place. get a fucking grip.

I get that someone took time to cut that gif to begin with, but 1) I know how to make a gif and you talk like it's a matter of childbirth or some shit WHEN IT'S NOT, and 2) if credit really mattered to you that much perhaps you should learn to watermark shit cos who doesn't know by now that once you put something up on the Internet, let alone fucking tumblr, it becomes subject to public property.

if I know, I have no problem with mentioning credit, in fact I do fucking 47893579 times more than anyone else I've come across, but people act as if not specifying credit means I take credit, like, will you give me a fucking break. it just doesn't.

and it's not like most of those people themselves haven't cut fansite pics with specified rules against modifying and cropping for dps all over the place -.-

and it's like gifs are different from fansite pictures and videos which just makes me bang my head against the wall. it takes freaking two minutes to make a gif, but those fansite noonas spend thousands of whichever currency on traveling and photo equipment, and hours, sometimes days in queues and all the pic selection and editing afterwards.
if you want to talk respect you could start with advocating respecting the rules of those people who often literally devote their lives and not talking in a sasaeng way here so i-fans can get a glimpse of their oppars and unnirs.

and to go on fucking anon and bitch about it smh grow a pair so we can talk about it, and if not you can take a seat - is what I wish I was able to say cos that's what I think, but unfortunately me feelings aren't so ballsy ☞☜
so obviously I'm pissed that people can't get a grip and ask nicely, even if they've had to ask other people the same thing, but probably mostly I'm so angry at myself for not being able to not give a fuck. it's a gif, and like a friend pointed out, it's not like I re-posted an edit that someone have spend hours on AND claimed ownership. ugh so annoyed

maybe it'll go away after a tumblr break.. after all it did all the other times :|

sigh just so over people acting so weird about fucking gifs, like... Щ(ºДºщ) IT'S GIFS wtf orz

k gonna go drown myself in Inpiniteu now bye

Thursday, 25 October 2012

US what are you even

I just read the statements below and I am in SHOCK cos what in the actual fuck how can this be real quotes from real people said in all honesty hOW


It's stuff like this that makes me afraid for the entire world tbh when a super power like the US have people like this on top levels

and yes disclaimer blah blah blah it's not ALL Republicans who feel like this (and yes, there are bad Democrats, too) BUT WAKE UP it's people like this you put in charge as YOUR representatives!

I really wouldn't give a fuck about how much else we agreed on if a person had these kinds of views

"Enjoyable Rape: it it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it" 
that is just so fucking offensive I feel sick to my stomach

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

kpop thoughts

I know that if you don't know me personally it must seem like I live in a pool of my tears. I don't - for the most part - but I am an emotional person and crying is the natural way for me to release when all those feels just becomes too much.

lol I dunno, it just struck me that lately it's all about crying and being a sad and emotional mess around here, and it's not really like that all the time, I guess it's just often the emotional times I need to vent here

so here we go again

Mads and I follow a blog called Eat Your Kimchi, a couple of Canadians living in Korea and blogging about what life is like in Korea from a foreign perspective, and all aspects of Korean life, especially kpop.

Recently they were invited to KCON, a big kpop convention in Irvine, California, and of course they posted about it once they came back to Korea.

One of the videos they linked to is the one below by The Verge

And yes, it made me choke up.

If you're not into kpop, or even if you are, this might be impossible to relate to but I was just SO. HAPPY. I know it was an edited video, from a kpop convention, in the US, BUT STILL.
The feeling that something I love so much and that matters so much to me is finally getting some recognition was just overwhelming, that sense of "yes, finally!!!!".

And the sight of excited fans at concerts - and especially concerts with groups I like! - just always gets to me. The regret that it's not me who's there to enjoy, and at the same time so happy for the people who were able to attend because I've been there and I know how amazing it is to be part of that crowd.

I wanna be part of that crowd again..

Anyway, another thing I've been thinking a lot about lately-
I know that the whole Gangnam Style phenomenon has done an amazing job of putting kpop into the general public all around the world, even here in my little country, and suddenly having people from all sides talk about Gangnam Style has been a completely surreal experience.

It's not that I'm not happy about the almost-overnight success, I love Psy and he's an artist whom I so far feel can handle the massive jolt of attention, and as a person he's just really pleasant

I just can't help but think out of almost every kpop numbers out there this is not a very good representative, and as such it's probably giving the world the wrong idea about what kpop's all about.
The possible downside to the success of Gangnam Style could be that as much as it's helping spread the kpop knowledge it might also set up the rest of the world of kpop for failure due to unfulfilled expectations in the worldwide audience.

There is nothing typical about Gangnam Style, the music video, Psy's image compared to the rest of kpop, and ironically also not to the rest of Psy's own music if you ask me.

I'm not sure of what I'm trying to say here, I'm just not one of those people who think that because of Gangnam Style kpop is ready to invade the entire planet. And to be honest, I'm not sure if I even want it to..

I want to be able to buy my CDs in stores, and see idols on TV instead of Youtube, and listen to Urban Zakapa in cafés, and go to concerts in my own- well, okay, maybe not my own country, but something closer than Asia, with even lesser known artists.
I want kpop to be recognized and respected for the awesome music and extremely hardworking artists, but I'm afraid that if the marketing towards Western markets become too strong it will lose it's kpop-ness in the attempt to make it big.

And I don't want that. I want it to be Korean lyrics even if I don't understand a word they say, I want the girls to be cutesy enough to make you wanna throw up or sexy, not slutty okay some are slutty, but still, it's a different feel enough to make you question your sexuality, I want the guys to be touchy-feely and covered in eyeliner and accessories and skinny jeans and femininity and once again make you question your sexuality, I want the counted down greetings and fan colours and toe-curling fandom and bias names and hair colours in all the colours of the rainbow.

That, to me, is kpop, and I'm not sure the West will ever be ready for that.

So maybe it's better if it stays home and just remains somewhat underground in the rest of the world..

Thursday, 18 October 2012

watching history

note: I obviously wrote this on Monday, but life, and, yea..


yesterday I watched a 43-year-old guy jump of a ledge and hurl towards earth from the stratosphere. everything was live via Red Bull's live feed (or as live as the safety 20 second delay would allow), and I cried so hard into my pillow.

why? honestly, I'm not even sure..but even thinking about it now I'm getting teary ᅲᅲ

it took Baumgartner almost 2½ hours to ascent to the calculated altitude and hubs followed the whole thing with great interest.
me, I was bored and entertaining myself on twitter, and it wasn't until he had reached altitude and they started the final check list run-down that I suddenly got hooked, too.

hearing him go through the steps and the delays in response to some of the major steps just went straight to my heart and I was at the edge of my seat towards the end.
of course those delays could have just been earth-to-space communication audio delays, him thinking, mobility issues due to the space suit or whatever, I know, but it could also be emotions.

there were some depressurizing hiccups and it took some tries to get the door open, and I didn't even notice I was holding my breath until the door rolled aside.

and then I started sobbing cos the the surge of emotions he must have felt was just totally overwhelming the moment that beaming atmosphere came in view.

it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen

a few checklist steps later and he was out the door.
again there was a moment before he had to unhook his oxygen lines and the knot in my chest..

the thoughts that must have been racing though his mind as he was standing there ᅲᅲ
it made me happy when he said at the press conference later, that in that moment all thoughts about records and sound barrier didn't even enter his mind, all that mattered was getting back to his family safely.

the first thing he said when he got out of the capsule, or at least I remember it as the first thing, was "I wish you could see what I see".
I've heard that sentence or similar stuff, and watched a scene like this in tons of movies, but the realization that this is as real as things will ever get just got to me so deeply.

my empathy was seriously killing me at that point, and I felt so small and humble on his behalf, and I don't think I've ever wanted a person to succeed as badly, strange as it may sound..

he was only standing on that ledge for..probably a matter of minutes, tops, and then.. "I'm going home now"~

my entire body tensed up in that instant and I don't think I breathed for what seemed like forever..

watching a human being fall through space like that.. and omg so fast, I mean, I get that that was the whole point but just look at that timer..!
from right here to out of sight in 1 second :o

the feeling when he fell to his knees omg it was pure joy end relief ᅲᅲ and obviously I'm talking about my own feelings here tho I suspect we might be in agreement..

in the end Baumgartner managed to break the sound barrier with a speed of 1342,8 km/h (834,4 mph), or Mach 1,24, because his jump altitude of 39045 m (128100 ft) allowed him to fall through the stratosphere where there's so little resistance that once he actually hit the atmosphere his fall was slowed during his 4,2 min freefall.

besides the sound barrier record he also managed to break the world record for highest manned balloon flight, and highest freefall.
Joe Kittinger still holds the record for longest freefall at 4,36 min cos Baumgartner had to release his parachute around 5000 ft?, a planned altitude, but by that point the freefall record still hadn't been broken
I assume it's cos his higher freefall speed made him fall much faster event though he also fell from much higher..?

if you didn't watch you missed out, you can see a very brief highlight video from Red Bull here

I'm glad other people have the courage to advance the world so I won't have to 


something's up, but I don't know what

I feel like crying, but I don't know why

it's not a state of panic, but more a numb tightening sense of sorrow in my chest

I keep welling up at the sight of Byeongheon yet all I wanna do is click through every random video on youtube and every picture on every site I can possibly hunt down with him..

I'm sorry I can't be any use to anyone today ᅲᅲᅲᅲ

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

don't mind me

I'm just blatantly ignoring everything else I should be doing right now and trying not to notice how annoying it is that I have no problem writing this when I can't seem to write anything else so here's another thing I've been thinking a lot about.

Recently I've noticed people expressing that they didn't feel comfortable on twitter when they weren't in a good mood. Of course I told them not to be silly and that people are allowed to be exactly how they are no matter their mood. People are free to unfollow if they don't like.
But then again I myself usually feel like staying away when I'm feeling down or whatever so not judging. 

It's not like I want to have everyone's undivided attention every time I get on, but on the other hand, even when I'm not feeling down I can get annoyed when I feel like people are talking to me without paying attention, you know, like if you're talking to someone who says they're listening all the while having their eyes fixed on the telly or their phone or something. 
And I know, usually people on twitter will have other stuff going on, too, or other convos or whatever, but I just think that if I'm in need of a little TLC or pep talk or whatever, it just makes me even sadder if I feel like people won't even give me full attention in my hour of need. 
I barely ever reaches out to other people besides hubby, and if I were to, I just don't feel like twitter would be the place to do so.. I guess I don't trust people to make me a priority on their own, and I don't feel like I should have to ask for it myself.
I also don't wanna police how/what other should or shouldn't be doing. I trust that people are acting how they want to and if they aren't it's for them to change it, not me.

and no, of course I can't know for sure if this is how things are on the other side, it's an assumption, but RT'ing other stuff or laughing at random things or posting links and answering only every 2-3 minutes gives a pretty good indication..
so if people ask how I'm doing when I'm not doing so good, I'll probably say fine..

but, as I said, in general this is what can bug me about twitter, that no matter the friendships, talking to tlist just rarely feels like talking to friends on the phone or face to face. 
I rarely feel like I have people's attention for more than random chit-chat or goofing off which is also why I don't like getting into more serious stuff of mine on there. Not that I mind talking about it, I just prefer emails where we won't get interrupted by whatever in the middle or where I don't have to witness first hand if people get distracted or whatever.
This is probably also why the people I'm closest to are the ones I also email and where I feel there's a mutual interest in more than the twitter chatter.

I know this post was so weird so am I these days, but I just needed to get this out of my head, so, yeah.

ps. remember, if it doesn't apply, it doesn't apply

Friday, 20 July 2012

tears won't stop

My friend died today

and I am heartbroken


It wasn't really a surprise. He was diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago and at that time they gave him only a short while. Very aggressive liver cancer, I think it was, that had already spread and metastasized in his whole midsection.
At that time he wasn't feeling it at all or much, I forget the details by now and the diagnosis was such a shock to everyone who knew him.

He was the sweetest guy, caring, understanding, a good listener, a kidder, someone who loved people and who people loved, and right now my brain can't fathom that I'm not gonna see him again (-̩̩̩-͡_ --̩̩̩͡)

Though he was my parents' friend, he was my friend, too, and I have known him my whole life cos he was one of the parents in the group my parents went to Korea with when they picked me up.
I have celebrated life's big occasions in both of our lives with this guy, me and my family have spent numerous vacations with him and his family, we've played for hours, talked for hours, laughed for hours, and I still can't understand that I won't ever see him again.

Of course, everyone saw this coming, him included, but right after the initial shock of the diagnosis he and his wife decided that they and the family weren't gonna dwell on it. They were gonna stay positive and fight 'til the very last end with faith (not the religious kind) in their hearts and smiles on their faces, and so they have done.
How? The fuck if I know cos I would've been a puddle from the get-go.
But I, and everyone else they've been in contact with, definitely contributes his ability to beat the odds to his positive spirit and in many ways he lived on like like nothing had changed, and therefore it was still a surprise when the news finally arrived.

He was willing to try out every means possible since he was already terminal, why not give it a go?
But in the end there was just nothing more to try out, and a few weeks ago he was told that there was nothing more than pain management the healthcare system could offer him.
In short, game over.

Fortunately, he went down hill fast from there. That might sound incredibly harsh but in essence that is what made him able to go out the way he wanted. At home with no outside help, just his wife taking care of him.

My parents saw him two weeks ago. After some bad weeks where he wasn't able to get up or anything, he invited them over for dinner. He felt better and he was able to greet them in the driveway, he moved around and they talked until late.

So when my dad called from Italy today to tell me that Carsten had died it still knocked me off my feet.

I have had so much to do today, and after he called this afternoon I have just not been able to function properly.

Life is so fucking unfair I can't deal Щ(ºДºщ) 

And, yeah, I know, no one said life and fair have shit to do with each other, I just.....

And the whole concept of death and to be dead and to not exist and to die and then just not be while everyone still is... I'm feeling really tiny and humble in my life right now.
There really is nothing like getting a reality check like this to make you appreciate your life and especially the people in it.

Of course this doesn't mean that I feel up to going to my in-laws for the weekend in 10 hours, like, REALLY, I just.....

This was incoherent shit, but I'm allowed cos my friend died today

 I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH  (-̩̩̩-͡_ --̩̩̩͡)

Friday, 6 July 2012

Square 1

This will probably be irrelevant

When I did the last post almost 3 months ago it was my honest intention to take a little break, and then come back and finish the updates for the Sherlock promotions. Late, I know, but it would be for me cos I would like to have the chronology for later, and even though I didn't post I've been saving pics and videos so I could do it.

Well, you know what they say about even the best laid plans..

It became a stressful, sleepless period back in April cos life suddenly also became full of offline stuff, and in the end I had to give the fandom a rest since real life isn't as easily shooed.
But back then it looked like maybe a couple of weeks of hectic schedule, but one week became two and two became three.. In the end my entire spring has been so rushed that there's barely been time for anything else, and when there has been time to go online I haven't particularly had the desire nor energy to post. I'd rather spend the precious free time catching up with friends and SHINee or just space out and watch Dangerous Boys or various We Got Married and Hello Babies or whatever.

On another, but still related note, something happened with me and SHINee.
I think that both the actual break from following them so closely, and then Sherlock promotions ending and them going back "home" to Japan to tour, they fell off the grid a little. Well, not really all the way off, but there's such a huge contrast between comeback periods and in-between periods. One second you're being constantly bombarded with updates and performances and it's like 2-3 schedules a day to maybe not hearing anything for a week, besides maybe the odd airport picture or whatever.
Anyway, that - put together with me probably subconsciously taking a step back cos they were stressing me out so much - apparently made a space. And I say "apparently" cos it wasn't something I was trying to make, it just happened.

I've always listened to all kinds of music and different groups and artists even before kpop, and I don't feel like I've ever tried to hide my love for all different..songs, not groups, I should say cos I really don't follow that many other groups closely enough to feel comfortable with voicing a public opinion about them.
And most of the time I don't give a crap about the group anyways cos to me, it's about the music of it all. So if I like a song, I'm gonna like a song, regardless.

And what's happened is that another group has wiggled it's way into the crack SHINee left open.
By no means does this mean I've dumped SHINee, and I still can't wait for their full album! I'll probably buy it in 725472 editions and versions and copies AS USUAL.
But it does mean that these days, since SHINee's off doing who-knows-what, maybe album stuff? - and Ho's filming Hana Kimi drama - I'm free to focus on other stuff.

I've listened to Teen Top since 향수뿌리지마 you came out almost a year ago, but it never amounted to anything besides the music, like SHINee at first. In fact, I thought they were a little weird and..yeah, let's leave it at that, like with SHINee at first.
But a few weeks ago something sparked, like with SHINee at first, and I've taken a nose-dive into the world of Angels, their official fandom name.
Fortunately, once my cat was out of the bag, a bag I wasn't even aware it was in it, turns out that a lot of people in tlist actually also like them, though maybe not as hardcore as me, so it's been nice to have people to share they joy of these 6 guys with ♥ and the love of one of them in particular.

But there has been "bumps" along the way, probably hence my need to over explain at this point. I won't go into the long sorted details, though, suffice it to say that in a weird way these issues spread out in a weird way throughout my life and inspired me to face and deal with a lot of things I've been pushing aside which subsequently have been weighing on my conscience and doing nothing good for my stress level in general.

I told you, this is irrelevant..

Long story short lawl, I have decided to start anew.

To rid myself of stress factors in my life, including having to do the Sherlock updates.
To allow myself to focus on Tintap happily for now cos that's what I feel like doing.
To try to create a stress-free summer, and taking advantage of the fact that everyone else is away on holidays so I can not have things on my calendar every single day /throwsfistintheair
And to be free to take time to plan Korea which is less than 6 weeks away \o/

To delete unread stuff in my inbox which by now is close to 1000 emails..
Yes, a thousand, so maybe that gives you an idea of my level of analness and need for control cos I haven't been able to delete anything before I've read it. And this pile has been building for about 7-8 months now, but I do get about 40 new emails a day which means I don't get rid of the pile I only maintain it around the thousand.
But I'm just gonna skim now and probably delete tons without even looking, and it's such a liberating feel! \o/

So, not that I think anyone but me was expecting it at this point, but there will be no more Sherlock, and there will be no more SHINee like that.
I mean, there probably will be both SHINee and Tintap here and there, but this is my personal space, and even though kpop and fandom and online life takes up a very big part of my time and head space, this is not a fan blog like that.


Friday, 13 April 2012

Another Easter in Hamburg~

A spontaneous decision to go to Hamburg after all during hubby's Easter vacation resulted in a stay at this dump hotel, Hotel Aachener Hof.
Our room was right above the arched entrance by the yellow car.

How can something so pretty on the outside...

..look like THIS on the inside.. >__<

Seriously, so cluttered with that huge chair in the middle of everything, and shisus, I had a TV like that in my room 20 years ago orz

Hard to tell in this pic, but the door didn't fit in the hole..

If only you could smell this bathroom... >"<

Such romantic lighting..

..this lamp couldn't stay up and just shone right into the wall..

..the closet was so small and useless, it was ridiculous..

..curtain was coming down..

What? They couldn't afford a bucket of paint?!

We left the room as fast as possible and went for a walk and to find dinner. Because of Easter everything was closed, but it was nice to just stroll around anyway - despite the grey weather it wasn't very cold so it was fine walking conditions.

One of the main shopping streets, Mönckebergstrasse, and the town hall in the background

The big mall, Europa Passage. 

Mönckebergstrasse was closed off for traffic because of some Easter concert. 

We got these yummy nuggets in the yellow stand in the picture above. They're called muzen or schmaltzkuchen and are these little deep fried dough bites with tons of icing sugar on them.

At the main train station there's a huge food court and we usually go there for dinner if we're not going to a restaurant, and they have all kinds of different yummy stuff.
This was right above one of the entrances to the food court.. I found the word "kondomeria" hilarious for some reason xD

For me the word "junky" doesn't exactly sound appetizing..

Hubby bought a "spicy" bento and omg it was so hot I could barely eat the ones I tasted D: In my opinion sushi's not supposed to be like that, it's wasabi's job to make it burn, not chilli.

They really know their way around meat in Germany, and I bought a "gyros box" with gyros of course, salad, sauerkraut and fries. And garlic dressing. Meat + garlic dressing = match made in heaven! ♥♥♥♥

The next morning we started out with the meager breakfast buffet. No wonder they buffed it up with lots of fruit pictures on their website..
And yes, we sat in the reception/office space/breakfast room >.<

First stop for the day was an Asian supermarket close to the hotel. We've been there once before before K-anything, but they had expanded since then.

We walked towards the lake on a route we hadn't taken before, and came across this place

The train station 

Obviously it's a clever invention in a big city, and Hamburg has soooo many Smart cars, and some even park the way they were intended

We had thought about a canal tour, but in the end, we didn't go this time

Then we came by American Apparel and I GODDAMN NEARLY WET MYSELF WFWAJFJAJDDA
Colour coordination like this makes me jizz so hard!! sdhfsdahfs I just wanna buy EVERYTHING *u*
By the way, all those suits on the right is all dog your pooch can match you! >.<

Some..different kind of ad?

And then we just happened to chance by BoboQ, aka Bubble Tea heaven!!!

I had caramel milk tea with passion balls, hubby had some..coconutty thing with litchi balls?
This was a such a nice little spot with the cherries in full bloom!!^^

One of the canal cruise boats going through a lock

We went to lunch at Johs. Albrecht, a restaurant with its own micro brewery. On the table was this little snack. It's roasted and salted wheat grains and they were really good!

Right by the canal

While we waited for our food, this made me flail! It made me think of Lia!^^

Hubby's Alsacienne flammekuchen. Looks somewhat like a pizza, but so much better in my opinion <3

I had falafels, mayo-y tzatziki yuck >.<, and salad with THE "French" dressing - meaning a honey/mustard . I could eat that dressing every day 

A candy shop on the way back to the hotel with a disgusting gummy bear pizza in the window yuck! >.<

Hubby's started scouting for wide angle lenses for Korea

Our 3rd Asian super market that day. This places was so huuuuuge o.o

Three stories..

I know what they mean, just....don't >.<

We bought another bubble tea from another place. This time mine was just plain vanilla milk tea with mango pearls, I think? Hubby got tea with Cranberries and spilled half of it on the floor of the hotel room... 

For dinner we went here to get yummy Vietnamese street food!

Half an hour after we got there, ALL chairs were taken and everyone got seated 2 pairs at one table. Turnover ftw

jafgahfdjh the summer rolls we sometimes make! And the dipping sauce. And omg it tasted SOOO good! *u*
It was nice to see that we actually match the authentic taste really well when we make them at home^^

Hubby got freshly squeezed orange juice and a coconut...something. I got my beloved Diet Coke 

Hubby's Bun Bo on the left, and my Bun Cha on the right, and some dipping sauce thing we didn't know what to do with so we just poured it over LOL 

On the menu the dessert said something about banana in sticky rice and coconut, but it turned out it was sweet sticky rice shaped like a banana in this thick coconut "sauce". It resembled spunk in both look and texture so much it was mind-boggling! LOL

Later that evening after dinner, we strolled around and then sat down at this little café. With the red blankets around us it was even nice enough to sit outside!

We got 2 scoops (vanilla and walnut), I got a cute tea set and hubby got, Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier, naturtrüb. That tea set was so cute!!!

The loot for the day. Assorted candy, socks, Asian drinks, cookies, strawberries and a pair of shoes!
Unfortunately, the socks turned out to be too tight for my fat calves -_______-

Goodbye breakfast before we blew that pop stand, this day in the actual breakfast room!

After we checked out we drove to the 2nd Asian supermarket we had gone to yesterday because they had so much we wanted to buy, so we had decided to come back with the car! We ended up with these two big boxes and 102 Euros poorer!

Now, it may look like we didn't get much for our Euros, but honestly, it would have been so much more expensive in DK - not to mention the fact that we can only get a couple of these items in DK at all, so to us it was money well spend! 
We got so much stuff, like, 20 packs of Shin ramyeon, cookies, noodle dishes, leaves, TomYum broth cubes, seaweed, soju, makgeolli, and tons of chili powder and paste! We even got tteok so now we can try our hand at making tteokbokki!! \o/

Anyway, as always a trip to Hamburg felt too short except the stay in that room was way too long! because there's just always so much to do and see and eat! 
And it's definitely our new go-to place for Korean yummies since the real deal is so far away >.<

Long story short, do go there if you ever get the chance~